Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goodbye 2011; Hello 2012

On December 26 in the Lake Minnetonka area of Minnesota, we see  
global warming being enjoyed by one of the top 1 percent!
What's not to like in this best of all possible worlds?

We enter Duluth at dusk, city of beauty 
with the moon over Spirit Mountain
and Christmas lights galore.

We leave a wreath at Gordie's and Mark's gravesite in the cold sunshine.

Sherry and I take our mandatory walk along the Park Point beach.

Lake Superior gives up thousands of sparkly diamonds.

On the bay side the sun shines over thin ice.

The next day the clouds have moved in.

As we leave town, we pass by the Duluth agricultural-industrial complex, 
and wonder what exactly is going on here 
with the boat, the heavy machinery and the logs?

These typical north central Minnesota landscapes - 
not flashy or bright - are mental and emotional touchstones for me.

A watery sun blazes through the sunroof.
In the distance, the overcast sky gives way to a strange orange-yellow light on the horizon.
It seems eerie somehow, as if we are leaving a protected gentle world for one
that has been blasted with heat and light.  

From the above, to the below:

(Photo stock archives)

But fortunately, my premonition doesn't come true.  (Yet.) 
Instead we are greeted by swans floating peacefully on blue waters...

...and still fertile farm fields.

We stop in Spooner, Wisconsin and go to a couple antique shops where we see
some randy lions and bunnies, with wide-eyed squirrels looking on...

Hey kids, what time is it?
It's Howdy Nudie time!
Not to forget slick Mickey.

Last day with the family - Sherry points out strange visions in the trees, 
and strange creatures inhabit the dome.

Sherry, Jeanne, Moe, Izzy (clockwise)

Sherry and Brett whirl in the New Year.

At the end of my journey, it's from here... here...

...and from here... here.

In Brooklyn, the Walk-Man has a runny nose.

At home, Frank whips up some fabulous oyster/kale soup, and I find a tiny pearl 
that I don't break a tooth on.  Good omens for the new year!

Area Man Frank Lind Pleased With T-shirt and Chad Vader Coffee Gifts.

Here's to 2012 in all its uncertain glory!

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  1. Fun story! Love the comparisons. The walk man looks like he got spiked in the face actually.