Thursday, December 29, 2011

Caution: Cute Christmas photos ahead...

Derek teaches Arya and Kellen their cute lessons...

...and Shannon opens the fabulous present from Andrew and Jennifer, who, sadly,
aren't present, being in Dallas this year.

Alicia and Sherry enjoy the A/J gifts also...

...and Aaron and Ali can't contain their enthusiasm for the 
delicious choco-santas.

More favorite gifts:

Kellen loves, loves, loves his pj's from Shirley.

Dan loves, loves, loves the gift from A/J before it's even opened.

Arya listens carefully to gift-advice from Shirley.

Shirley loves the hand-made coasters from Shannon...

....Aaron loves his computer...

...and Kellen loves his banana.

Mothers and sons:


Three generations:

Sherry frames the action...

...while Moe is, like, can't they all just leave?

Dan takes the hint, and thus misses many...

...precious moments...

 I'm "smizing" (smiling with the eyes, for those not ANTM-savvy), and Ali does a fierce pose... do Shannon and Chris...

...while Sherry demonstrates the fabulous circle shawl, one of my gifts from A/J.

Kellen and Chris collaborate...

...while Derek makes sure he gets into every possible picture.

On Christmas day the lights go off, 

interrupting our viewing of 
"It's a Wonderful Life" 
which Sherry can quote from beginning to end,
since she watches it at least three times per Christmas.
We are forced to take in the sunset over Lake Minnetonka.

Only one fishing shack can be seen, as the weather has been too warm for the 
huge sprawling fishing villages that usually spring up on the winter ice.

But after sunset, the lights conveniently come back on, making our day just about perfect.

Merry Christmas, 2011!

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  1. Love the last photo! Awesome! I tried to post a comment earlier and it failed. :(