Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Travel Signs

I've begun a study on streetlights of the walk/don't walk variety. Whether one can read deeply into the minds of a people according to their red and green lights is up for debate, but there are definite cultural differences. Here's Brooklyn:Brooklyn has the bright spotted guy, forward leaning and looking a bit elderly, and then the big orange hand in your face.
Here's Amsterdam:
Amsterdam's green and red guys are a bit stocky, even thuggish-looking, probably from having to fend off all those bikes. Here's a temporary parking garage for Amsterdam bikes, made for 2500 but usually stuffed to the gills with over 4000:Note the tiny car with the biker pointing at it dismissively.

Here's Madrid:
Note the spring in the step of the green guy, possibly because he's on the way to the bar? While the stop guy has big shoulders, he's still slimmer than Amsterdam's red heavy. A very cool thing in Madrid is the streetlights that chirp like little birds when it's safe to walk.

Here's one from Ottawa on a former trip:Talk about jaunty and ready to take on the world! This is, in fact, how real Ottawans (Ottawanians?) walk - note the fellow to the left.
A few more Madrid signs:No donuts, just coffee! And here's the big M for Madrid:
And at the Amsterdam airport:
Back in Spain, here you enter the Sorolla Museum, and here's how you leave, just in case the street and cars weren't enough of a hint.
These "way-out" and "way-in" signs remind me of London's Heathrow where we had to travel several miles terminal to terminal in a bus whipping along on the wrong side of the road, careering ( and careening) around corners and yielding to no one in spite of the many signs politely asking us to "Give Way." They need a big-orange-hand-in-the-face at Heathrow, it appears.
Also seen in Madrid:
Why didn't I buy these Insectos Mutantes? When will I get another chance?
Not to end things on such a tawdry commercial note, here's Amsterdam at its finest:

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