Sunday, April 24, 2011

Perfect Saturday

Arrive at Sherry's, met by Izzy who has numerous complaints.Other inhabitants of Sherry's house include Peewee Herman, Ed Grimley, and Moe the cat.

Brett making breakfast - hard to tell who's the smoothie here.
Sherry (my sister) and I get to work:Here's what we didn't get at the yard sale:I love this box!!!! Want, want, want. Alas, can't have. Too big for the plane. Too big for my life.
I nixed the gray waves.
Anybody remember Billy Beer, put out by Jimmy Carter's troublesome small-time-huckster brother?
Elvis, we hardly knew ya.
This shirt triggers Sherry's gag reflex. Here's what I did get, spending 75 cents:A rare golden Egyptian pin.
Can't have too many WW2 books. I think I keep thinking I'll figure it all out someday. I spent the entire winter before my second son's birth reading about submarine warfare and concentration camps. Perhaps that's why Andrew is so thoughtful. Also, Ken Follett doesn't usually disappoint. His "Pillars of the Earth" about cathedral building was huge and gripping. However, his latest book "Fall of Giants" about WW1 is a good history lesson but the characters and plot-lines are less than memorable. Nothing like Herman Wouk's "Winds of War" that plunges you into the current of World War II and barely lets you take a breath. And then Wouk does it again with "War and Remembrance."

Later Sherry, Shannon (my niece) and I go to the Goodwill. As I said, this is a perfect day. Hours later, Sherry finally rejects the magic bling shoes, against my advice. Why, oh why would she not buy these fabulous shoes?At home, we make fabulous art, in the guise of coloring eggs:The blank canvases.
The elixir.
The amazing results! Abstract, subtle, a bit minimalist yet making a profound statement about the deep and rich roots of historic symbolism and its religious manifestations.

Shannon expounds upon the day to Ali, who is awed. Ali is on her second day as a brand new bartender, so sadly had to miss the thrift-sailing and Goodwill hunting.

As I say, it's been a pretty perfect day. For us, anyway. We appreciate our riches.

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