Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Solstice Sightings

My show, "Solstice:  The Sun and the Horn" opened at Trestle Gallery
Friday, June 21st!

(This picture was taken by Sylvia, one of my Kingsborough students who attended the opening.)

(Photo by Danny Cabrera)

Below, Will Hutnick's dynamic painting/collages on paper can be seen through the scrims:

More pics of the opening are further down the page, but let me first go back a night, to June 20th, when
I spent an entertaining evening in Chelsea going to openings
and also attended the anniversary party of the Mike Weiss Gallery.

Here I am at the Painting Center, where the red arrow
points to my husband Frank Lind's work
 in the huge, massive (perhaps "comprehensive" is a more art-y word?) group show called 
"Working it Out" 
featuring artists' drawings that are part of the evolution of their work.
The opening was totally packed and jammed!!!

Frank makes preparatory drawings on canvas before underpainting.
In this case, he photographed the process.

Drawing, underpainting...

...finished painting:  "CC's Back."

For the Painting Center show, we printed the drawn image on watercolor paper.

I also go to see Linda DiGusta's work (Linda has appeared in the blog in previous pages) 
in another group show at ASC Projects. 
I like the resonance between her peach and Frank's painting.

After that, I go to this:

Ha!  Dress code strictly enforced, indeed! 

It's like Cameron Gray threw an art bomb into the last half of the twentieth century,
and it exploded via the 21st, twisted and tweaked into an exhilarating Po-Po-Mo extravaganza!

Artist and critic extraordinaire Robert Morgan relaxes in the more serene inner sanctum.
Robert was kind enough to invite me to an event in Poland in 2000 called "Construction In Process"
where artists took over the city of Bydgoszcz (pronounced kind of how it looks, except the "d" sounds like a "t" and the "szcz" is like an "sh" that you chew on for a while)
 and the surrounding farms, fields, villages and lake resorts in the area and did their magic.  I was amazed at the forbearance and enthusiasm of the local people, trying to imagine a similar thing happening in, say, Wisconsin (which has a similar city/country mix), and coming up blank.
"Look over there, Edna!  Well, I'll be!  A man sticking pins into his skin connected to red streamers and
burying himself in the ground!  So rich in metaphorical implications, wouldn't you say, dear?"
Maybe Donald Judd's Marfa, Texas is a somewhat comparable US phenomenom?

Back to the CG show in Chelsea in 2013:

 Love the green arrow.  A subtlety amongst many other subtleties.
And some not-so-subtleties.

Mike Weiss, in the middle with the cool shoes, amongst gallery artists.

After the opening, the gallery hosts its 10th Anniversary party in the mellow ambiance of 
Edi and the Wolf on
Avenue C and 7th Street.

The man in center left looking at the menu
 is Martin Wickstrom (with two little dots above the 'o'
which I can't figure out how to do).
He's from Sweden, and so were three of my grandparents (who all ended up in Duluth, Minnesota, USA Swede-central) so we have a lot in common!
Not that I've ever been to Sweden or can speak the language or anything, but 
you know what they say about blood.

Artist and photographer Julie Nymann, above
and Weiss Gallery artist Kaoruko and Robert Morgan, below.

This picture is from Kaoruko's last installation at the Weiss Gallery:  girls being edgy, girls being girls.

I also conversed with Kevin Sudieth, who is seen here in his element, 
that of a modern-day cave/rock painter/carver, ie. petroglyphist.

This photo is from a NY Times article about his work.

Well, enough of other artists and artworks!
Time for some Solstice at Trestle activity!

Here's Mary Negro, one of the main movers and shakers at Trestle and the Brooklyn Art Space, checking out my work:

This is Will Hutnick's work; we're sharing the space. 
I love this piece! 

Will and Rachael contemplating the big picture...

Will's work looking for walls...

Testing out the projections...

The work has all hung together!

We're exploding with Solstice wonder!

Sylvia from Kingsborough loves the cave lions...

Above, Jennifer Shepard swings in Solstice joy -
below, Kumiko does the same!

Shauna O'Donnel is a Solstice Priestess... is Kelly Worman...

Patricia rocks the place!

Troy is a fabulous horned dude...

...Danny and Will reach out...

...and Danny rocks the blinking headdress!

Will with horns, and my hanging scroll, "Earth, Air, Water, Fire" that Frank and I posed for:

There will be more to come -  it's not over yet!
Closing day is July 12th, Friday.

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