Friday, October 24, 2014

The Mutual but Unique Assimilations of Blondina and Mary(???)

The Painted Person formerly known as Mary in her earlier life
has now been christened "Serafina"!
Congrats to Nicole Mourino
who came up with this perfect handle, which means "Fiery One."

Back to the original story:

Coming down from her high perch on the shores of Gitche Gumee,
Blondina travels to Brooklyn to hang with Mary, 
both of them considering the ins and outs, ups and downs of assimilation
into the Painted People clan.

They get to know the group...

Blanca and Blondina hit it off immediately and Blondina decides to go for it,
at least to the point of becoming part of the White Family.

She has yet to decide about going "all the way."

Blanca, lower left, recently starred in the amazing film,

...taking on colors from her surroundings like a floating chameleon...

...flying high and bright over the city lights of London...

...and here seen shadow dancing in Amsterdam with Branco.

So you don't necessarily have to be red, yellow and blue to be a star!
Something to think about while she rides Bertilak...

...with whom she can magically transform herself at the click of a button...

...and here she makes friends with another blondina of the equine persuasion...

Mary also has many deep things to think about.

She doesn't come out of the writhing masses...

(image from the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store, Madison, WI)

...but has emerged, fully formed and dressed,
 from the shelves of a New Richmond, Wisconsin thrift store
where there were other Mary's...

...and other dolls.

But our Mary has risen from the stifling chaos
and luck and fate has subsequently landed her in the lair of the Painted People...

...where new life is not only possible, but probable.

While resistance may not be exactly futile, it's not a very good option, is it?
Just ask Julius (formerly Gaius)!

Mary takes her time deciding - she, of course, has all the time in this world and beyond
to make up her mind.

Well, maybe she can't take forever, after all.

There are films to make, pages to post, blogs to finish...
Tick, tick, tick, Mary...

And look!
She has decided! 
She is on board the Assimilation Express!

Wo, wo, wo!

Amazing what clothes can cover up.
Ayla, who was one of the very first Painted People, one of the original four...

("Bristlecone Mountain" digital collage, 2008, Jeanne Wilkinson) her moral support.

Mary has many holes, as befits a holey persona. 
These screws and parts are covering the inner workings of her voice
which told all about her former life as the Mother of God...

But now the holes are filled in, and she has become whole!
Yes, paradox abounds, as does amusing wordplay.
Although Mary's voice has gone inward now,
and most of her communication is through eye, body language and gesture
in common with her newly acquired kin.

Unlike Blondina, however, she does not want to stay white...

...she wants to take on the full gamut of color options
which are, of course, blue, red and yellow, in that order.

Hallelujah! A new Painted Person joins the clan!

She takes pleasure in getting to know all the companion animals,
Mr. Blue, above,
and Bertilak, below.

And here she is, enjoying the company of her peers!

While Blondina still rides the margins between white and color...

Will she go all the way?

Or will Blondina stay as is?

Will Mary find a new name, or will she stay Mary?

These and other burning questions will remain mysteries
until someone - perhaps you! - comes up with the answers...

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