Thursday, September 5, 2013

Scotland, Day Four and Five: A Wee Bit of Rain, and a Visit from Hal

I go for an evening walk after our sea-jaunt.

This one is close to home, just down the driveway, where
some kind of ancient structure lies - its original use hidden in the distant past.

Animal shelter?  Human shelter?  Home sweet home?

Mushrooms dot the forest floor.

 A high old stone wall is on the other side of the driveway.

An abandoned shed is enclosed within this wall.
Nice to have your very own ruins on your property.

The next morning brings mist and rain.  We watch from our breakfast nook.

There is no Mr. Coffee here, so we figure out a way to make it by putting grounds in
a teapot and pouring hot water over them, then straining them through a tea-strainer
with a bit of paper towel for a filter.

Later we find an electric percolator, which Aaron has never used, but it works like a dream. 
When I grew up, this was the way coffee was made.
None of this drip stuff.  Shouldn't the water do a bit of work, jump up and down like crazy for while, 
to make a really worthwhile cup of coffee?

Clouds and mist, clouds and mist.

But the day is brightened when Hal Thompson shows up to tell us about his Scotland experience.

The sheep have been peacefully grazing until now.

 However, when they see Hal, they go into high alert.

And then the leader/agitator gives the signal to attack.

Hal is forced to go into full retreat.
Later, they keep a careful watch on Hal's activities.
This one in particular.

Although others are watchful, too.
Can't be too careful when Hal's around.

If they only knew what has happened in the meantime, they could stand down a wee bit.
You remember those mushrooms?
Well, Hal has eaten one...

The next day it's rain and mist, rain and mist.
Hal has disappeared altogether and Aaron is back.

We take a ride up a long trail that we figure must be a logging road.

It zigzags up the side of a big ben, and through the mist we see amazing
vistas, big rivers hurtling down through the heather.
And here, a waterfall that crosses the road...

...before throwing itself (just a wee bit melodramatically?) down the cliff.

Then it meanders madly through the glen.

There's been so much rain, 
the rivers are wild with it.

The rain makes everything shimmer and shine.

The skies may be gray, sorry, grey (I'm in Scotland), but everything else vibrates
with color.

Later we have a delicious meal at the Pennygael Hotel with its super friendly, super helpful staff.
A super place, really.
It was actually our default option if we couldn't find our own place that first night.

But we did find it, and we are, four nights later, time flying by like the wind, winding up the day 
with another wonderful Aaron-built fire...

...and a wee bit of blogging...

...and a wee bit of scrabble.

Scotland is awesome, and nothing wee about it!

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