Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hot Times in January, With Fish

January 5th, 2013!  Screening day of "Something Something With Fish" a collaborative
work by myself and Kaitlin Martin, at Gallery 128, 
from which I will create a short movie.
(Movie links are at the beginning and end of this post, one here to youtube and one later to vimeo.)  

(I think the youtube film came out a bit dark.)

Here I am inside the "Cloud Tunnel"
getting blasted from both sides now.

Here's some PR info about the screening and subsequent film:
"Something Something With Fish:  the Movie" was filmed at Gallery 128 and at Jeanne Wilkinson's studio in Downtown Brooklyn.  Gallery 128, run by Kazuko Miyamota, is the longest running gallery in New York's Lower East Side. In the screenings, two projected images meet in the middle on parallel scrims (sheets of translucent fabric) that make a pathway - the "Cloud Tunnel" - where people move and interact with the imagery and are subsequently filmed by Wilkinson.   
Layer upon layer upon layer.  
One imagery stream derives from the original artwork of Kaitlin Martin which is put through various computer programs to make it move and morph by Wilkinson. The second imagery stream depicts aquatic creatures, some filmed by Wilkinson at the Freshwater Aquarium in Duluth, Minnesota, the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and the aquarium in the Marine Building at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn.  The two imagery streams are projected from opposite sides of the room onto the scrims where they meet and merge in ever-changing relationships. 
Music is by Wilkinson and also by "Steve and Dave," aka Stephen C. Baldwin on guitar and David Intrator on sax.  Dancing figures in the movie are the artist Karni Dorell and her daughter Eve Campbell.  

Above is Kaitlin's original artwork, from which the non-fish imagery was derived.

Kazuko Miyamoto, Gallery Director at 128, watches the fish, below.

Kaitlin on right, above... below.

Susan Luss stars again!

Kaitlin with her striped shirt, above,
Steve and Dave, below.

You can find out more about Steve and Dave HERE.
Info from their blog:
"The musical group known as Steve and Dave formed in early 2012 when Stephen C. Baldwin and David Intrator (AKA Carlos Mandelbaum and OccupySaxMan) began jamming together at Zuccotti Park. Steve provides vocals, rhythm guitar and percussion; Dave is the lead instrumentalist who sings with saxophone and voice. Both Steve and Dave play classic songs and improvise new ones."

On the weekend after the screening, Karni Dorell, her daughter Eve Campbell and 
friend Leah Volman come to my Brooklyn studio to dance and interact with the imagery.  
Some of this footage will be used in the film.

Karni is a friend from my grad school days at Pratt Institute.
You can learn more about her work HERE.

 Karni and Eve, above,
 Leah Volman, below.

Click on above pic for link to movie on vimeo.

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