Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Movies, food, beach: the week the fun never ended.

This is the week where the fun never ends.
Four movies after a year of none!
And more!
 heroic Republicans fight, bribe, finesse and cigar-smoke their way into ridding the country of slavery.
Daniel Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, James Spader
and Sally Field have wrinkled faces and wrinkled clothes and make it all seem real.

Sally Field really carried those crazy gowns women were forced to wear.

This is a movie you can almost smell.
Speaking of smell, I wonder what Lincoln would think of his fellow
Republicans now?

After "Lincoln" I attend a book signing of Heads in Beds:  A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality by Jacob Tomsky, just published by Doubleday.
This book uncovers the real story of sheets, shit, and
how to enjoy the contents of room refrigerators for free.  And much, much more.
After reading it, the money you save on your next hotel visit will more than pay for the book!
Here's Jacob looking presidential.

Frank and I go to Whole Foods for our organic turkey and pumpkin pie.
On the way home we see New York sights:  cool wall murals in the Lower East Side,
and camo-trucks being trucked down Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn, perhaps Sandy-related.

I notice that the huge truck wheels are marked "OSHKOSH."  
Turns out that the Oshkosh Corp. in Wisconsin specializes in heavy duty specialty trucks.
Begun in 1917, they built the first four-wheel-drive truck, called "Old Betsy," 
So Oshkosh does more than make kid's jeans, b'gosh!
Not that the jeans are made in Wisconsin - they're cut and sewn in Mexico and the Honduras.
When I was a farmer, I had a pair of adult Oshkosh overalls, which, sadly, they don't make anymore.

Photo Barb Rusche 1977?

Here's Aaron in his own Oshkosh's in front of the chicken coop.
It was his job to feed them, a dangerous occupation because chickens can be nasty buggers who 
like to peck at the hands that feed them.  Particularly those cocky roosters.

Later, in adult form, Aaron flies in from Wisconsin, from Mad City, 
current home of the tyrant Gov. Scott Walker.

By the time he arrives, the pumpkin pie has sprouted mold spots.

A more successful pi-e experience is the Life of Pi
a beautiful movie from start to finish.

I personally love castaway stories, and this one has it all:  boy, tiger, storms, sunrises at sea, dolphins,
flying fish, glowing jellyfish, a killer island covered with meercats, religion, rich metaphorical implication, and more.
Wow.  Here are boy and tiger out-scaled by a giant whale covered with luminous jellyfish.

Similarly, Aaron presents an opportunity of scale for the Painted People, sans jellyfish.
 They delight in exploring his Gulliver-world.

Frank cooks while Aaron computes.

Must be Thanksgiving!

Andrew and Jennifer check in from Denver.

Our next movie is "Skyfall" - great if you like your movies shaken, not stirred.
My favorite part is the hypnotic beginning credits sung by Adele.
Not since Shirley Bassey's "Goldfinger" has such a sultry song been sung.

You can watch the credits here at the Perez Hilton website!

Aaron in the bright lights of 42nd St.
The next day he takes on the bright lights of another sort.

We go to Fort Tilden Beach in the Rockaways,
where Sandy has done some of her worst.
The road to the beach looks like plowed snow, but it's sand...

...The very sand that used to make up the dunes, below,
in a photo taken at Ft. Tilden in 2009.

Now, this is what you see instead of the dunes:

Another before and after:

2009, above; 2012, below.

2011, above; 2012, below

The Painted People have had many adventures in Ft. Tilden buildings...

More before and afters:

Above, 2008; below, 2012 

Below are Frank's versions in his "Sea Level" Series.
Probably pretty close to what really happened during the Sandy surge.

But not all is lost.
The Ft. Tilden graffiti continues to evolve,
and the sea continues to make waves.

OH, and the fourth movie we saw was Cloud Atlas.
But the less said about that one, the better.
Well, a few words:
Incomprehensible, too long, way too long, silly, and incomprehensible.
It had a few good moments, like when Tom Hank's bizarre Irish writer character threw
the critic over the wall to his death - what's not to like about that?
 And Susan Sarandon's crazy freckle-hennaed face
during the neo-medieval bit, along with some beautiful loosely woven shawls.
Oh, and Tom Hanks array of amazing teeth.
I am a fan of movies with authentic-looking teeth, not trying to pretend that people have always
had neon-white perfect dental work.
So, if you can get beyond your petty desire to have a movie make some kind of sense, 
go for the makeup and amazing scenery.
Or just watch the trailer, 
which gives the movie some comprehensible narrative flow.

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