Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving in Mad City

Caramel-colored afternoon light is raking the city - if only I were on the right side of the plane (the left) 
 I could get the money shot of Manhattan!

Over the river and through the woods, to Madison we go.

The night before our Thanksgiving celebration, we go to dinner at La Brioche, whose humble strip mall setting belies its excellence.
Well, Frank has some issues with his main course - a bit dry and tasteless, he reports.  When the waitress comes around and asks if everything is okay, you could hear une épingle drop 
until someone (Jennifer?) says, uh, there's a problem with Frank's beef bourguignon... he's given a replacement meal of tasty French sausage.
But in general, La Brioche - c'est très beau.

After dinner, we drop in at the Willy  St. Co-op, 
known to many as Empire Market in Aaron's "Chad Vader" series.

Sadly, some of us have to work and can't come to Madison this year...

...and can only be here in spirit, and in the form of fabulous from-scratch pumpkin pies.

Some of us are unsure about the whole thing, for a minute or two.

Shirley continues to be amazed at Dan's insights.
And Kellen's.

Dan is forced to carve.
Before, and after.

After pigging out, we go for a walk to the park.
(pic by Andrew Keeley Yonda)

And all the children frolic.

The fun continues inside.

Although some of us have to work...

...while others stare at big screens full of buff butts.
The Packers rule.

Here's how to play scrabble:  one board and two computers, 
with a little Sorry thrown in.

Other games get us out of our chairs.
Frank (aka 'Killah') makes an impossible roll.

Alas, the fun must come to an end, and some of us have go home!

Dan is driving another one of his annoying new trucks that I can't keep track of.

One last shot...

Okay, two last shots.

And we're off...
I'm finally on the right side - wow!
If the plane would stop vibrating, I could get a truly amazing shot!

Home again, home again...

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