Friday, July 15, 2011

Super Soup!

While summer isn't exactly the best time for hot soup, it's been requested that I pass along my recipe for Super Soup, or Kitchen Sink Soup, or Five Minute Soup.
 I also call it Whatever Soup because it can have, like, whatever, in it.
Anything you've got laying around, animal, vegetable, or mineral.  
Well, maybe not rocks, diamonds, wood, rubber bands or hair clips.
I tend to focus on veggies - you do what you will.
So, get a saucepan and knife and start digging.

Begin with the broth.  I use the Imagine brand, but any kind will do.
Even plain water works.  Or those cubes or powders, or soups in cups which I sometime just throw in, usually half a container.  I try to get organic whenever possible, not only because it's organic, 
but they're not usually as salty as the regular brands.
So, first,
pour some broth in the pan and turn on the stove.
Then cut up what takes longest to cook first.  I start with carrots, cutting them on the bias (which means on a slant for those of you who don't sew) because that makes them cook faster.
Add stuff as you chop it.  
My soups are sometimes made of cauliflower, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and kale as you see here.
But broccoli, onions, cabbage, corn, turnips, parsnips, peppers, you name it, can go in.
I'm not big on potatoes, nor do I add pasta, but one could if one absolutely felt one had to.
I have been known to throw in a leftover piece of last night's fish.

Cover and cook at medium heat for five minutes.  Really, that's all it usually takes.  When the carrots can be pierced with a fork, it's done.  But they shouldn't be mushy.
When you cook it too long, things get soggy and 
the color goes down the drain.  
Like those gray canned peas that graced American tables in the 50's.
Also you don't want to cook out all of the nutrition that builds your body 12 ways.  
At least!  Probably more! 
(What were Wonder Bread's so-called 12 ways, anyway?)

After the fork piercing test proves favorable, pour the wonderful concoction into your favorite bowl, 
and eat!  I sometimes use a little tamari or soy sauce
if necessary.

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  1. Awesome photos in this post! Keep it up!